Why does anybody want or need a control system?
Controls allow systems to be turned ON / OFF or they allow the system to be adjusted to suit a need. A dimmer for a light or a speed control on a fan can adjust the controlled device to how you want the controlled device to operate. If a fan has only one speed and that one speed blows so hard that everything in the room is sent flying or makes so much noise that you can hear nothing but the fan, you will stop using the fan. It will be worse than useless. If for arguments sake we can agree that local controls are useful, the next question would be, "why do we want "remote control" or "automated control". Sometimes we want something to happen at the same time every day. Maybe we forgot to turn something off and remember when we are away from home. Maybe your airconditioner is plugging away keeping your home a cool 68 degrees..... but you are on a trip and won't be home for a week and don't need your home cooled (or maybe the trip got cut short and your house is now 88 degrees). With the right controls you can turn your air conditioner off (or on) from anywhere in the world. Turning things off when we don't need them or on only when we do can save power and saving power saves money.
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