Huh? / What is a Control System?
If your thinking "what does that mean"? I will try and explain. For our discussion a "system" is a group of things that work together and a "control system" is a group that has something that controls other things in the group and things that get controlled and do the actual work we want done. A very simple "control system" could be a ceiling light and a wall switch. The wall switch controls the bulbs in the light fixture and the bulbs do the actual work, providing light. It is possible that a "system" could exist with no control. The light fixture could be hard wired and be "ON" for as long as the bulbs last. But if you'd prefer darkness because you want to save on electricity or just because you crave darkness, you need some kind of a switch to be involved. From there we can add complexity. Instead of just an on/off switch we can utilize a dimmer to adjust the light level. We could have a motion sensor that turns the light on only when someone is in the room. We could also use a sensor that turns our light off if it senses sunlight or a sensor that dims the bulb to compensate for how much sunlight coming into the room. Adding even more complexity, all of these control functions (On/off, dimming, etc.) can be done using microprocessor based controls or using some sort of communication scheme to allow control from a remote location or allows automated control. A "Remote location" could be across the room or on the other side of the world. Automated control could be doing things according to a schedule or in response to outside influences. An outside influence could be sensing sunlight or darkness, weather conditions (rainy or windy etc.), or even something like sensing a problem like a burned out bulb or noticing a "brown out condition".